Campari Gallery

Viale Antonio Gramsci 161 Sesto San Giovanni (MI)
MM1 Sesto Primo Maggio FS

Galleria Campari is an interactive, multimedia corporate museum dedicated to the relationship between the Campari brand and its communication through art and design, its history, and the evolution of the product and the bar world. Opened in 2010 for the brand's 150th anniversary, the Gallery is located inside the Art Nouveau building in Sesto San Giovanni that was Campari's first factory, built in 1904 by Davide Campari. Between 2007 and 2009, the industrial complex was transformed, designed by architects Mario Botta and Giancarlo Marzorati, into the Campari Group's new headquarters and corporate museum. Galleria Campari owes its strength to the uniqueness and richness of its Historical Archive, a multifaceted cultural depository that brings together more than 3,500 works on paper, original affiches from the Belle Époque, posters and advertising graphics from the early 20th century to the 1990s, cartoons and commercials by well-known directors, and objects created by established designers. Much of the company's holdings have been digitized and returned in the form of interactive installations that dialogue with the many original works on display. The second floor of the Gallery is dedicated to the evocative storytelling of the brand's history following three guidelines (art, communication and production) while the second floor showcases the product, through the bar world, historical bottles and glasses, a selection of design objects and vintage merchandising.

Photos by Vito Daniele Fontana